Inventors Of Television: Who Invented Television: When Was Radio Invented

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The book is for history lovers, especially television history.

The book about the boy who invented television is the incredible biography of Philo T. Farnsworth, who at the age of 14 dreams about trapping and transmitting light, and while plowing at his father’s farm, he looked at the parallel rows he made and practically and efficiently conceived to transmit information wirelessly from one point to another that this concept led to his 1930 basic patent for modern television. Farnsworth’s struggle against challenges from the Radio Group from America, the fight to protect his vision from private investors, and his work will forever change the world and inter information. Modern touch, presented in an easy-to-read story enhanced with black and white photographs. The boy who invented television is highly recommended to read – especially for television lovers who want to find out how things started!

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